Top 10 Beaches To Visit In Florida


When seeking sand and sun in the USA, Florida is always at the top of the list. There are countless beaches to dip your toes in the water and to soak up some rays. Having a hard time choosing which beach to visit? You can’t go wrong with these top beaches in Florida:

1. Hollywood Beach

It is not just a coincidence that this town is named “Hollywood”. Founded in 1925, Hollywood is a planned city that was envisioned to be the Hollywood of the East. It can be found along the Atlantic coast, between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. While the movie industry never really took off here, it is a popular destinations for beach seekers. The main attraction is the broadwalk, which travels 2.5 miles along the coast. Attractions include a plethora of restaurants, hotels, musicians, bicyclists, ice cream shops, and souvenir sellers. This may be the best beach in Florida to bring a family.

2. St. Augustine Beach

Farther up the East Coast is the perfect beach to bring your loved dog. Not only are dogs welcome on the beach (please follow the leash laws), but the entire town is dog-friendly. Want to dine with your furry best friend? No problem! Going on a tour of the city? Bring your dog!

Besides the love for dogs, St. Augustine has a lot of history. Being the oldest city in the United States allows for four centuries of history. Anyone with an interest in history will find countless attractions and tours to fill your days. Keep an eye out for the “Fountain of Youth”!

3. South Beach

Most of the time, when you think of a Florida beach, this is the beach that pops into mind. The endless nightlife, high-end dining, 24/7 action, sports cars, and bikinis. Yes, while this Miami beach neighborhood has a history of attracting the rich and the famous, it is now very welcoming to families.

4. Pensacola Beach

Now we head over to the Gulf of Mexico. Pensacola Beach is actually on a barrier island in the Gulf on the far end of the Florida panhandle. Besides the beautiful beach, a popular attraction is the pier that extends nearly 1500 feet into the Gulf.

5. Destin

Another very popular panhandle beach is Destin. While the year-round population is only 13,000 that number quadruples to nearly 50,000 during the summer! Destin is a great starting point for anyone that wants to get out in the water to fish, but over the years it has become a destinations for families. The beautiful white sand is a trademark, which not only stays cool during the hot summer days, but makes the water look emerald green.

6. Key West

Traveling up the Atlantic Coast and around the Gulf of Mexico, most people overlook Key West. Not only does this small island at the tip of the Keys have wonderful beaches, but it boasts an eclectic mix of people. This mix of people have created a community with world-wide recognized festivals. Be sure to wander the streets, grab a margarita at a bar, and just let the outside world escape you. It won’t be hard to do in Key West!

7. Daytona Beach

There are two things that Daytona Beach has been known for – Spring Break and NASCAR. Yes, race fans will still flock this city during races, and college kids will fill the bars during the spring, but Daytona Beach has started catering to families. If you do bring the family, you just may want to stay away during the spring break weeks, as well as pay attention to when NASCAR is in town.

8. Miami Beach

If you are rich and famous, then you have already been to Miami Beach. You have experienced the parties that last all night, the five-star dining, the perfect weather, and beautiful beach. For the rest of us, Miami Beach is the perfect city to spot some celebrities and live it up for a weekend!

9. Siesta Beach

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, halfway down Florida, Siesta Key is a barrier island near Sarasota. Siesta Beach is often labeled as having the whitest and finest sand in the world! The sand comes from the mountains and is made up of nearly 100% quartz. It is so white that it barely absorbs the heat from the sun, so it can feel cool to the touch on the hottest days of the summer.

10. Caladesi Island State Park

Located off Dunedin, Florida, Caladesi Island State Park is located on Caladesi Island in the Gulf of Mexico. It is accessible for ferry and has the white sands that the Gulf Coast beaches are known for. The park is home to great beaches, but is also popular with people that are interested in wildlife viewing. Walking along the three mile nature path, several species of birds, lizards, turtles and other animals can be seen.