Adventure Travel Insurance – For Those That Prefer Danger Instead Of Relaxation On Vacation

Adventure Travel Insurance - For Those That Prefer Danger Instead Of Relaxation On Vacation

Adventure Travel Insurance - For Those That Prefer Danger Instead Of Relaxation On Vacation

Not everyone likes taking a nice, leisurely vacation filled with relaxation. In fact, for some people, the idea of a good, quality vacation is one filled with adventure, danger, and excitement.

If you like participating in sports and activities that could possibly put you in any peril while you are traveling, then you should consider an adventure travel insurance plan. Although you might not like the idea of planning for a catastrophic event, you might be surprised at what these adventure travel insurance policies actually offer…

Let’s say, for instance, that you are mountain climbing and you get stuck or injured. While you might have health insurance that will cover your hospital stay, do you have any type of insurance that will cover the helicopter or airplane that it will take to get you off the mountain to begin with?

Likewise, if you are sailing and have an accident and need assistance, what are you going to do about offshore rescue?

Are you covered if you get injured while hot air ballooning?

What happens if war and terrorism breaks out while you are backpacking in another country?

These are all things to consider when you are going on an adventure travel trip.

You should also keep in mind that most regular travel insurance policies do not cover adventure travel. Therefore, you are going to need something a little extra. Instead, you might need to add a supplemental policy to your existing travel insurance plan, or purchase a new one altogether that actually focuses on adventure travel.

Aside from getting sick during your trip and needing medical attention, there are other things that can go wrong during your travels, too. Some of them might not be your fault. In fact, most of them won’t be. Your baggage could get delayed, or lost altogether, your flight could get canceled, or you could have to cancel your entire trip and not be able to go at all. All of these things could incur additional costs to you. Having that travel insurance could reimburse you for these things and that’s always a good thing.

Here’s a scenario…You are going backpacking in Peru and you get sick. You rack up a couple thousand dollars worth of medical bills but your health insurance back home in the U.S. won’t cover you because you’re out the country. Travel insurance can reimburse you for your expenses.

Or, say you’re going skiing in Switzerland and your flight loses your skis. Your travel insurance policy can replace them for you.

There are lots of incentives to getting insurance.

Adventure travel insurance can cover everything from white water rafting to snowboarding. However, it’s important to read all of the fine print because each policy will differ depending on the company that you purchase it from.

If you are not planning on traveling alone and you’re going on one of the popular small group adventures, such as with Intrepid Travel, then you might even have to purchase travel insurance as part of the requirements. Some companies might offer group travel insurance, however, which can be offered at discounted prices.

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